Monday, June 1, 2009

molar time

It's been a while since an Emmy post.. I have some good updates and bad. Last week she cut her first molar (her upper right) yay! This is her 9th tooth! I can't believe that she has that many teeth in her mouth, but I'm sure her dad does.... she thinks it's funny to catch him off guard when he's got the foot rest up on the chair and bite his big toe as hard as she can. Now you can feel sorry for him if you want to, but he laughs at her while saying "ow ow be nice that's too hard" so she totally doesn't take him seriously and that's his own fault lol.

When we took her to the doctor last Tuesday (my last post) since then she has slowly got worse. I can barely get her to eat anything and she's totally gone off milk. She drinks plenty of water so we don't have concerns of dehydration, but it still makes you feel so bad when you know they are feeling bad. It took me all day to get her to eat 2 little mandarin oranges, 2 good size bites of a banana, a cracker, and a few spoon fulls of noodle soup. The humidifier is a permanent fixture day and night with some eucalyptus oil in it and of course lots of vick's vapor rub!

Can you tell I don't feel good?

I'm not a sick person and it is driving me crazy that she is getting these colds. It makes me feel like there's something I'm not doing right. I feel bad that she's had to be on formula because alot of this could have been avoided if she were on breast milk, but that's just the way things had to be and I know there's no point in dwelling on it.

I think we're going through a bit of jealous too. I can't wait for my mom to get here so she can lavish Emmy with some special one on one attention for 6 weeks straight. I do special things throughout the day with her but nothing compares to that time with grandma. I was talking with my grandmother and she was telling me how my sister Ashley went through a rough patch when Abby was born and a weekend at her house helped her over the jealousy hump.

She has been doing everything I tell her not to do!

Sundays with Dad!

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