Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Lilah First

Last night she slept through the night (the day she turned 13 weeks)! I must say I was very anxious for Emmy to sleep through the night when she was new and I think she did it around the 6 week mark, but I haven't given it much thought with Lilah and did not mind spending time with her during the night. I'm sure the major difference is not having to get out of bed for bottles that need mixed and warmed and then cleaning up spitting up. Lilah has been super simple in the night from the beginning and that has been a blessing.

I love being able to lay down and feed her and get all snugly with her! I should also say that she slept the night through in her own bed (the co sleeper) beside me. She really loves her bed and naps in it during the day very happily. I will usually feed her and cuddle her to sleep at night and then pop her into her bed and then she'd have a feed between 1-3 am, but last night she slept right through. Tomorrow Grandma Jan will be watching the girls over night so hopefully this means she'll get some sleep!

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