Wednesday, June 17, 2009

finger paints and artwork

Lilah has exploded in the past week with personality! Lots of cooing, eye contact, kicking to make her toys move and soundless laughs (we're still waiting on that first giggle!). She's got a bald ring around her head which I had hoped to prevent, but I don't think that's possible! Kim also says that he thinks that she knows who he is now and I agree.

As for Emmy... we did some artwork yesterday and surprisingly for paints there was no mess. I washed up the paintbrush and wiped off her hands and that was that. (see pictures below)

We seem to be on the upswing from our illness and I hope that this will be the last cold for the winter!! Emmy has been refusing formula for a while now (since she's been sick...3 weeks or so on and off) and when I can get some down her it's usually pumped breast milk with a scoop of formula because she likes it's taste better than my milk which is super sweet. I'm hoping that this will help her fight off colds in the future (Lilah doesn't get sick when when we are all sick!!). It's exciting that she can tolerate my milk now. I think it has to do with my diet and not taking in any dairy products. Possibly this is why I am able to feed Lilah because about 6 weeks ago I had a milk shake ( and i haven't had milk since early last December ) and she had such terrible belly pains and pooped near black water for a full day and that's not normal for her. I'm sorry is that too much information for you? Well.... what do you expect if you come's a blog about babies!! lol

To further back my hypothesis; earlier last week or so I pumped near 360 ml of milk for my neice who is lactose intolerant and she handeled the milk just fine although she will breakout in a rash when when she eats baked foods with milk and cheese. She's 8 months old. I wish I would have known this before I had Emmy, but I'm so glad I went off dairy and meats for Lilah even though everything I read and the doctors told me that my dairy intake didn't effect babies with lactose intolernce of mothers milk. So not true for these babies!

People freak out in general about children being raised vegitarian or vegan but if you do a little research you'll find that it's just fine and in some cases much better. Want to know 101 reasons why to not give your baby dairy either directly or through breast milk?!

This is her favorite spot right now... other than being on the boob haha

Lilah giving her half smile....... she's a hard one to capture on camera!!

Mommy & Me hand prints!

First use of a paintbrush!

Finger Painting for the first time!

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