Tuesday, June 9, 2009

and the sickness continues...

It seems like I haven't had time to post lately and every time I do Emmy is sick again. Today our furnace decided to not work and Emmy began running a temperature with a new runny nose. We had a visit with our nieces who were also getting over colds but I fear we may have caught their bug since we didn't have a runny nose or temp with this last bout of illness. She's completely gone off milk again but is eating foods this time around and of course she still loves her water. I put the electric blanket on the couch on low to sit on when I get too cold to make it more comfortable for nursing Lilah and Emmy enjoyed it's warmth as well on and off today. Hopefully Kim will know what to do to fix it tonight, if not then we'll be receiving a house call from the heating man! I wish I had more to tell but it's just been one cold after another. I did get the wonderful blessing of Lilah blowing out her diaper TWICE today!! I'm talking a total strip down and washing of her and her clothes. She didn't seem in any discomfort leading up to it but surely she feels better lol

Some things we have to look forward to is Disney Princesses On Ice in 2 weeks and Baby Boogie Dance Class in a month. It runs for 10 weeks every Monday morning. I think it will be super fun for Emmy and hopefully Lilah will enjoy watching it going on. I'll wear her in the wrap or sit her in the bumbo ... which ever she enjoy's more. It will be nice to get out of the house and do something together that is out of routine like just going to the supermarket, plus the physical activity she's really needing right now will be good!

Cross your fingers that we get well soon and stay that way!!

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