Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunday Picnic

Our good friend Carolyn set up a wonderful Picnic for a get together at the Botanical Gardens this past Sunday. We really enjoyed ourselves and Emmy had a blast running around in the green grass for a second weekend in a row!

Here's the group of girls!
Back Row: Lee with baby Angus, Claire with Chardonnaee, Bianca with Alexa, Carolyn with Lilah, Me with Emmy
Front row: Louise, Leah with baby bump, Tamika on top, Emily on bottom next to her mom Heather.

Emmy doing what she does best now..... running away. You can also see a peek of Leah's growing baby bump!

Carolyn with a sacked out Lilah.

Chardonnee and Emmy squinting in the sun light as I spied on what they were doing. Emmy had made off with a whole bag of potato chips and went into the tint to hide and eat them! lol

After the picnic Kim told me that he saw Chardonnaee pinching Emmy's face and that she didn't know what to do. She's never had to stick up for herself before and Kim wanted her to learn. He said it was the hardest thing to watch without going over and intervening, but would if it got out of hand. This just breaks my heart! I don't think I could have been such a tough parent. There is too much lioness in me for that, but that is what makes a good parenting team; where one is different or lacking the other will pick up the slack. In the end she was grabbing her hands to stop her from getting to her face. The good thing was there were no tears except my own when I heard the story.

Can you tell this girl had been eating junk food?

Enjoying Daddy time!

Hey... I think there's a baby in there!! Peekaboo

Can't wait to do it again girls! Thanks Carolyn!

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