Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hahndorf Farm Barn


To kick off our Easter weekend we took the girls to Hahndorf Farm Barn to see some cute and furry animals!

Emmy & Dad

I think they were having a moment, lol!

She wanted to pet all the animals...even the deer!

Her first Kangaroo!

This is how Lilah spent her time at the farm...snoozing away!

Awww their feeding a baby lamb!

I think she thought this was funny!

You can tell 3 things from this picture. 1) Men don't know how to hold furry little animals. 2) This bunny must be super tame to put up with that type of handling. 3) Emmy is an animal lover!

Cheeep! Cheep!

This Gala really got her excited.

He could talk too!

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