Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Morning

Since we only have brown eggs here ( Brown eggs dyed pink go browner and brown eggs dyed blue go even browner..ect) so we had to do the shrink kit this time unfortunately and the only ones I had left over from the states was a boys kit.... but she didn't care haha. In the future when I can trust her with paints we'll be able to get a bit more creative.

Easter was a little bit more exciting this year for Emmy. The Easter Bunny hid both big and small eggs all around her room and left a nice basket of candy on her rocking horse. She also found the MAGIC EGG with a treasure map inside leading her to the washing machine bottom pull out drawer to find her Easter presents. She got a make at home popsicle thing, a ceramic My Little Pony Breakfast set, and a very pretty pink My Little Pony! The tradition of the magic egg or special egg was started by my mom when I was a kid and it was so magical for me and its those special touches that wonderful memories are made out of!!

She found that Easter Basket and started eating candy right away!

Show us your chocolate hahahhaha!

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