Thursday, January 15, 2009

waiting, waiting, more waiting

Yesterdays doctor appointment was enough to drive anyone crazy, especially if you have a 10 month old that is more interested in investigating her surroundings and enjoys the high range of her newly found vocal screams. My appointment was for 12:30 and I got to see the doctor at 1:45, the irritating part is this visit and the last I was put with a new doctor. The secretary doesn't know why this is but I have had it corrected for the next visit and I guess I'll just have to make double sure I'm with the correct one from here on out.

Anyways... the ultrasound she ordered that I had the day before was guaranteed to me to be at the doctors office by noon and now it's nearly 2 pm and no films. I'm asked if I mind waiting longer in the waiting room for them to come, "their being sent over now", and then we'll finish our visit. Of course I can wait I said with a smile on my face.... at 2:20 we're done looking at the results and everything seems good and we'll repeat the scan in 2 weeks. They have been watching the fluid around Lilah since it's on the low end of normal, but from last week the fluid has increased so all is looking great. I had to wait an additional 10 mins for the secretary to return to book my next appointment and then I was able to take the elevator downstairs and book my next scan and then we got the heck out of there.

While all of this waiting was going on Emmy didn't really want to wait. She wanted down so bad to crawl around and do what she wanted to do. After about 40 mins I was forced to go outside of the waiting room to the carpeted hallway where there's a couch and let her try and walk off some steam but after one lap of me helping her walk she decided NO WALKING by screaming until I let her crawl it off. Cruel thing is.... she never seemed to run out of energy. She wouldn't take her bottle and wouldn't take the nap she was over due fore. Nightmare. I look forward to my next appointment with my correct doctor and I know my waiting time is never more than 15 mins and he knows what's going on with me and my history.

Here are two pictures from the scan 2 days ago. They are kinda of crappy, but once the babies get so big it's hard for them to get a good picture because it's basically like someone sticking a camera right in your face and trying to have it focused and it just doesn't work. The first picture is the scary full on front shot and the second is a profile. She's right on for her weight and length for her gestational age and is very active. She has been kicking me in my ribs for several weeks now and if you are listening to me miss... you can stop doing that at any point and I'd be very grateful!!

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