Thursday, January 15, 2009

tooth number 3

I meant to post this the other day. Last week Emmy cut her upper left butter tooth (upper incisor)! She had a couple nights were she woke up crying and I didn't know what was wrong but now I suspect it must have been teething pain. I feel pretty bad that I wasn't able to give her any pain medicine, but it must have not been hard on her because she settled down when offered a bottle and cuddles and during the day she didn't have any symptoms.

I got out my baby book and she has followed my teething pattern. I got both my bottom teeth a week apart the same time she did. My mom wrote in that I cut my 3rd tooth Jan 28th 1983 and she cut hers on Jan 15th but the difference between our birthdays is about a week, so she got her 3rd tooth the same as me almost to the day.. just 27 years apart lol. I got my 4th tooth a week after the 3rd so I'm keeping my eye out for number four. I don't see anything yet but I'll keep you posted!

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