Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy 11 Months Old!

11 months old today and she's growing up so fast! She can go from sitting down to standing up with no problem and can free stand for as long as she likes now, but she won't take that first step yet. I keep saying... any day now! She can say "Dog" and her Grandma Jan heard her say "Brodie" when babysitting her yesterday.

She's exploding with signs and I'm trying really hard to keep up with her. Here's her list of signs: Eat/Food, Milk, Dog, Bird, Water, More, Play, Baby, All Finished and a few that she's made up on her own and I'm trying to figure out what they mean but she is fully aware that they mean something and that she knows what she's saying haha

If you don't sign with your baby I encourage you to do it. It has been very helpful to be able to ask her "Do you want Milk? or Food?" and she can say "Eat Eat Eat Food!" No whining, no crying, no trying to figure out what she wants. Don't worry if your baby is a bit older and you think it's too late. My sister in law didn't start with her daughter until she was a bit over one and with in a week she was signing she wanted to "eat" and now uses her signs all the time and she's nearly 2.

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