Monday, August 11, 2008

updates and pictures

I met with my obgyn today and I'm delighted to report that I'm very happy with him and we got along great. I felt heard and not rushed so that always makes me happy. The doctor and I talked and then he did a quick ultrasound and blood pressure check. All is good in that area. I'll be going back on the metformin medication when my blood sugar levels consistently go up so no surprise there. I had to do another blood test today (this one will show my average of blood sugar levels for the past 3 months) I'm not sure why this is important other than for him to maybe see what is normal for me and my body? If anyone has any information on this please pass it along.

Emmy was the picture of perfection again and she played quietly in her pram for the duration of the visit. I'm crossing my fingers that this trend keeps up haha, but I'm sure I will not escape this pregnancy without her cracking up at least once in the doctors office. She is so funny though when she gets around strangers. She will not smile to save her life or make a sound. She is SO SHY! She just stares around at people and things and when someone talks to her she will cry if they are persistent but usually will just avoid eye contact until they go away.

I weighed her today in case things get too crazy towards the end of the week when she's technically 6 months old. She's a whopping 8.82 kg or 19 lbs 4 oz. I'll give her a measure tomorrow but I have a feeling that she's not really gained any length and she'll still be 69 cm but we'll see. From now until next Tuesday it's going to be pretty crazy around here. We don't have to leave the house until like 8:30-9 am so that'll make for a more normal morning before our trip.

Emmy's favorite food is pumpkin (which is what we Americans call butternut squash). I personally can't stand the stuff but I'm more than happy to see her enjoy a vegetable. It's been awhile since I've posted some pictures so here ya go...

I tried to catch her acting sleepy..... yep that didn't work haha

Bundled up to take dad to the station in the morning.

Enjoying a play and sitting in her seat backwards..oops my fault!

All clean after a bath!

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