Friday, August 8, 2008


Yesterdays scan was a lot of fun. Kim came home from work early to go with Emmy and I. The lady we had doing the scan was awesome. She was so nice and gave us lots of information. We could clearly see two arms and two legs kicking and waving around like crazy. I couldn't believe how much it was moving around and it looked like it was running in place. We could see the head, nose, and chin even though it's still very much bean like haha. She said the baby looked great and the placenta was in a really good location and should not cause any problems with the birth. Another interesting tid bit that she gave us that I did not know they could detect and didn't know about Emmy is that she could tell which side the egg came from. It's a righty haha. She could see the follicle that the ovary grew in response the FSH hormone that then released the egg into the fallopian tube. Pretty cool huh?

Kim's parents Jan & Kingsley are home from there fun gallivanting around Australia while we were left in the cold winter down here (so not fair!) haha. I was very interested to see how Emmy would handle being scooped up by them and if she'd cry since its been 6 weeks. She did great! She was weary of them and did lots of looking with a blank stare, but in the end she was giving smiles. It's obvious that she remembered them or at lease she felt they were familiar to her. Grandma brought her back a shirt from CooksTown and a cute blousey turtle neck shirt in plum and a plush red kitten rattle that she LOVES already and after her play with it this morning it was soaked. Thanks grandma!

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