Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is going to be short and sweet to let everyone know that we arrived safely and how it went.

The plane trip went fabulous. Emmy didn't cry on any of the 4 flights except at bed time she did slight fussing, but that only lasted around 30 Min's and some bouncing and singing took care of that. My sister met us in LA and that was a very big help! We almost missed our last connecting flight in Denver due to our LA flight coming in late. We ran from terminal 36 to 91 and that was hella a long way... only to find out that the air hostest announcing the connection departure gates told us wrong and we then had to run back to gate 54. Emmy was all smiles because she thought the running and jiggling was for her benefit, haha.

Once we got to my sisters house at 1 am I was sooo looking forward to sleeping but Emmy had other ideas. She slept alot on the flights and was ready for some play and stimulation and would NOT let me sleep. I did manage to get her to sleep and we got maybe an hour and then she woke up screaming which is SO not like her, but her little world has been turned upside down so that is to be expected.

Ashley and I loaded up the car and we headed to my grandparents house at 4 am. I figured if we were going to be up and she was going to cry then the car would be a good choice and we might as well get where we needed to go.

My other sister and my mom joined us a few hours later and we all had lots and lots of fun. Emmy let everyone scoop her up and play with her and she has really been enjoying herself. She's got lots of new toys to play with and people to entertain her.

Our sleeping has been all out of whack and yesterday was day 3 and it really caught up with her and I both. Today we are feeling alot better and I think we'll be on more of a normal schedule now.

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