Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We're heading out today for our big trip. I think it'll take around 28 hours total if I remember correctly, and we're lucky for that. Sometimes the trip can be 30-38 hours depending on layovers, and if you miss a flight then it could be closer to 50 hours before you reach your destination. (don't worry...that won't happen again!) This week has been pretty busy between getting packed and having a baby shower for Lia. Emmy got to spend lots of quality time with Grandma Jan who helped us out lots. I think she's going to do good on the flights....I'll be back in a few days to give it a full report! Here's some pictures from this weekends baby shower I hosted.

Here's the cake I made!

Lia opening presents!

The pretty table!

The Diaper Cake aka Nappy Cake

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