Saturday, June 14, 2008

poor baby

We've had our first fever today. She peaked at 102.3 but has come down since then and depending on her temp in the morning we might have to take her to the doctor. We've called the nurse and she said that we're doing everything that we can for her as far as giving her plenty of fluids, formula, and keeping her in cooler clothing. She's not showing any other signs of illness such as cough or runny nose, but she did vomit this morning directly after a dose of Baby Panadol (like baby Tylenol) right into my mouth and all over my face. There's nothing like cherry flavored vomit to get you going in the morning. Later in the day when the temp went up to the 102.3 I felt like I had no choice, and my mother in law reassured me that we should give her some more pain medicine, but this time we gave her tiny bits and drinks of water in between and that seemed to work and I think we pushed our luck in letting her have all the water she wanted because about 30 min & 120 mls of water later (and she previously had 120 mls of water and 30 mls of formula) she did the largest 4 heaves of vomit and covered me from head to toe and the entire kitchen rug, and I'm not exaggerating...head to toe! Poor little baby girl! She's been handling it very well. She's not cried but a few broken heart whimpers but she's getting lots of love and cuddles and I think Kim is really enjoying her dependentness. He's been able to give her a bottle and do lots of rocking in the glider and usually at night she won't have it and fusses until she's with me. So the positive out of this is some good father daughter bonding!

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  1. get better soon Emmy!
    I'm actually from Brisbane so I'm not too far from home...however I've also lived in London for 2 years & I don't really find any difference between living either a 24 hour plane trip away or a 3 hour plane trip away- it's all just far away from family!!!!
    What were you studying????