Tuesday, May 27, 2008

nap time

Our newest thing now is Emmy's fear that mom might not be RIGHT THERE BESIDE HER when she sleeps or wakes. Of course the easiest way to fix this is to wear her like I do for alot of the day and her naps, but I do look forward to laying her down and getting the wrap off once in a while and do those jobs that I can't get done with her on me like cleaning the toilet or using other bad chemicals. Today when I laid her down for her big nap she has woke up 3 times in 1.5 hours. I just go into the bedroom and lay down with her and stick her pacifier back in and she passes right back out. If I put the pacifier in and walk away without laying down she doesn't go back to sleep. Now don't get me wrong........ I'm not complaining here and really I think it's rather cute. It's nice that I can lay her down awake next to me at any point and she goes to sleep... oh I hear her ...she's awake for the 4th time but she's just cooing, haha so that's good. It must mean nap time is officially over! Time for a bottle and some storybook reading I'd say!

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