Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 girls and counting...

We found out today that Emmy's new cousin is going to officially be a girl born sometime in October! I can't wait for the fun little dress up party's we're going to have when they get a bit older! OooOO and the Disney movie marathons! Congrats to Lia, Adrian, & Big Sister Bethany!

Today Kingsley snapped a few photo's of Bethany & Emmy together of course they are just the cutest things ever! Bethany is always very fascinated by the baby and just wants so badly to know just how she works and feels. Bethany is going to be such a good leader for our group of little girls.

Awwww Bethany giving Emmy hugs!

Trying to get them both to smile together and look at the camera........... yeah I know, WE'RE DREAMING!!

The other big news is I had Emmy weighted today for her 12 weeks old mark and she's a whopping 7.34 kl or 16 lbs!! I measured her too and she's 65.5 cm or 25.75 inches!! She's off the charts for both weight and height for her age but I had a long chat today with a nurse where I had her weighted and she said that when she sees this in baby's that its very common for them to reach a point where they plateau and will not seem to grow for several months at a time and not to worry. I assumed as much since I was a fat baby at 10 months old and only gained 5 lbs from that point until I was 2 years old.

Other news is our new bed rail for our family bed. Kim got it all installed and fitted in and Emmy is snuggled up on her side sleeping away as I type. I told Kim that if he wants her in our bed and once number 2 comes we'll have to get a bigger bed and he laughed and said probably, but I've always been one for sleeping like puppies so we'll take it one day at a time!

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