Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the birthing tale

I don't have as much time as I'd like to spend typing this all up, but I'll do my best with what I have. My mom kept excellent notes on everything that happened so here's the play by play with my commentary:

This was the view from my labor suite!

Feb 28, 2008
7:00 pm checked into the hospital. The Monitor showing small contractions on my own.
I was very happy to know that it was kinda happening on it's own even though I couldn't feel them.

8:10 They inserted Prostin Ez Gel to soften the cervix.
Basicly the midwife punched into my va-jj with her a few fingers and smashed the gel into my cervix. I was not prepared for it to be so invasive or painful and had total fire crotch afterwords. I was begging for an ice pack to sooth the burning.

10:45 They gave me sleeping pills and pain pills and slept until 4 am.
This suprised me! I wouldn't have thought they would have given me anything but it was nice to have them! I planned on staying the night by myself since I was in the Labor Suite and not a recovery room, but I got a little scared and my mom and Kim decided to stay with me. My mom pulled up two chairs to sleep on and Kim slept in the Birthing Tub haha I felt sorry for them, but selfishly I was glad they stayed with me!!

Feb 29, 2008

6:00 am the monitor was put back on and there was little to no change in my contractions and no dilation of my cervix.

7:00 am second set of gel was inserted.
I had a new midwife by this point and she was very gentel about inserting the gels and I had no pain afterwards. So that just goes to show what a jerk the first lady was!

7:30 Breakfast
Because I wasn't in true Labor I was able to eat some breakfast! Yay for food!

8:00 I started to have some bleeding.

12:45 Dr. Brian Pete broke my water and there was slight concern about a little bit of Maconium.
So braking my water was pretty intense! It was painful ladies, but it was an interesting feeling and because I was laying down I got the rush of water coming out. haha

2:15 pm They had me walking to move me into labor and also bouncing on a yoga ball. Pains were getting harder but not where they should be.

2:45 pm IV was put in place.
I wasn't very excited that I had not gone into labor by this point and was dissapointed to know they were going to have to use drugs to make contractions. I also knew how bad it was going to be so I said I'd also like an epidural since my contractions would not be natural.

3:10 pm Fluids were started through IV. Oxytosin for contractions.

3:45 pm Epidural in place and a catheter.
I was now having massive painful contractions and I felt like my epidural was not working.

4:15 pm Meds for contractions ( Oxytosin) was increased to 24 mL and increased the Epidural.

5:05 pm Oxytosin was increased to 60 mL Vaginal check showed dilation at ONLY 4 cm. The midwife said I probably won't start pushing until after midnight!
By this point I thought I was going to die. I started sobbing when the midwife gave me her opinion on when she thought I'd start pushing.

5:20 pm Electrode was attached to Emerson's scalp to monitor her heart rate better.

5:45 pm Epidural increased again.
RELIEF RELIEF RELIEF!!! My epidural was in full swing and I was happy to just lay back and be calm. Any women that tries to give birth without one is FREAKING NUTS!! Now maybe under completely natural circumstances it would be different, but I was induced with everything they had 100%

6:00 pm Oxytosin was increased to 72 mL and said we'd do a dilation check at 9 pm.

6:45 pm Epidural was increased.
Normally they would have not given this last dose to me if they knew I was ready to push... hehe but man am I glad to have had it!

7:00 pm I felt some pressure pushing so the midwife took a peek and to everyone's surprise her head was showing and it was time for me to push! The midwife began to set up for delivery.

7:21 pm 15 min of pushing and Emerson Rose Harrison was born. 6 lbs 14 oz 20 inches long!
The midwife rolled out a big mirror and put it right down at the bottom so I could see everything going on. At first I was unsure if I wanted to watch because I was afraid if I saw it happening then I would feel it, but it was totally awesome. I did about 4 sets of 3 pushes and out she came. She was small enough that her head and body came out with one contraction, but she was large enough to still cause me some minor tearing. My doctor stitched me up and I got to lay there numb and unmobile for about 3 hours just holding Emmy and feeding her. I was quite pleased with myself in the fact that I was able to push so well without having any feeling of what was going on. My husband, mother, and sister in law were there to support me and help me and I really could not have done it without them. They were so wonderful!

10:30 pm I was able to walk to the bathroom for a shower with the help of my husband and a midwife.
I was in horror when I reached the part of cleaning down there. Ladies...... I know what it must feel like to have balls. I'm not kidding... I was so swallon and huge and it just was not right! I can laugh about it now and I hope you are laughing too, but it's just not so funny in the moment!!

11:00 pm Me, Kim. & Emmy went back to our private suite and settled in for the night. She is such a good baby and didn't cry at all and just wanted to sleep or be cuddled on.

I'll post more when I get the time to do it!!


  1. dear lord. The more and more i read and hear about birthing I get more and more terrified! lol. I have a feeling that having the prize at the end is all worth it though (otherwise who the hell would have babies!?)

    I'm glad there weren't any complications and that your baby is gorgeous!nh

  2. aww...you poor thing to have to wait so long...but the end result is a beautiful bab girl! congrats and good luck. i hope i am able to keep such good record of everything when i go into labor with gwen. i did with avery. i had him all natural and i'm hoping to have gwen the same...good luck hon! keep us all posted!

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