Monday, September 23, 2013

Emerson's 1st Art Class


I think being creative and artistic is important and giving my children the tools necessary to fully express themselves is important.  It broke my heart to find out there there isn't a specific art class away from normal class time in the primary schools here. 

Art Class was always my favorite day of the week from Kindergarten right through to High School!  I was so excited for Emmy to have the opportunity to join in a before school Art Class for an additional fee this term.  She was the youngest in the class (mixed in with upto grade 6 & 7's) but as you'll see at the bottom in the note from her Art Teacher..... she held her own great!  Totally love my creative little girls!  Below are some of the things that she brought home.... there's a few that I didn't photograph since they were practice pieces, but there is a doggie oil pastel picture that I need to still get photographed....

Free drawing fish with different techniques and tools to color them in.

Learning quick ways to draw kitties using oil pastels! 

I love this one!  They used paint markers to embellish and do graffiti art over a photograph!

This was about blending different colors with different styles.

She was very proud of her mask! It's obviously grapes and leaves :) 

This was made from scratch for Father's Day!  It's a paper weight that looks like daddy!  She put rocks together and used papier-mâché over it to form the head and them decorated it.  I totally love this one!!!  

First Day of Art Class- Working on Oil Pastel Dogs

Here's a nice message from Emmy's Art Teacher:

Emerson is just the cutest little girl.
So lovely and definitely not intimidated in class.
She is extremely artistic and has a definite style and technique which is especially evident in her sketching ability. She was absorbed in every art activity and had no problem expressing herself.
She was not threatened by the age of the other children and they were really lovely with her.
I look forward to seeing her anytime she feels ready to return.

Kindest regards,
Art Teacher

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