Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's been quite on the BLOG and CRAZY around here!!

It's funny that our last blog post was in November 2012 last year and I kinda feel like that's when I really lost control.  We had a very busy and fun October with organizing town wide Trick or Treat and Brodie's 10th Birthday Party followed by our friend's Halloween Party.....that rounded out October 2012 for us and then it was into November.  We traveled to South Australia for a wedding and as soon as we returned home I had two weeks to pack our bags for an international trip for a family of 4 to a snowy winter destination while making sure the yard, pool, fish, and dog would be taken care of.  Luckily we had lovely friends and family to help out!  In that time I had to have all Christmas presents organized and packed too.  We had a fabulous Christmas with my family....a first for the girls!  I plan to try and blog about each of these fun events and get us properly caught up, but there's still more..... 6 weeks abroad and we came home to a house that looked like a bomb site due to weather conditions, Emmy needed to start Prep in 3 days, and not to mention the 8 large suit cases of clothes and X-mas stuff to put away.  We got some really bad news in that time that my beloved Grandpa Chuck passed away and even though it had only been two weeks since I left I knew that I needed to go back and be with my family.  My mother in law flew in on a moments notice to watch the kids and I spent a very much needed 8-9 days with the extended family.  In this time my husband had accepted a new job 15 hours south of where we were living and upon my return I had 5 days to pack an entire house.... oh....and threw the girls the best princess birthday party that's even been seen! 


See what I mean! 

Now we are finally in our new house and comfortably unpackedish that is not a word but I just made it one!!  Our house is clean and functional at this time but there are soooo many DIY projects to drown under if I let it consume me.  We are in the process of looking at schools for the kids, but in my heart I'm leaning towards homeschooling.... so I'm not sure where that road with take us.  The girls have started Dance Classes at a really nice school and that's adding to our busy schedule!  We have added a new family member to our household, a cat named Oliver.  He's the sweetest little baby ever and we love him dearly.

I'm pledging to catch up and to try and not fall this far behind again on blogging!  Can someone please and try to hold me to this! lol

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