Monday, April 16, 2012

Sand Castles, Sun, & Fun

The girls and I made another sand castle at Horseshoe Bay over the Easter Holidays.  This has been our best to date and I think we need to start branching into bringing our own prepared decorations.  I've had the idea for a while to cut out and glue little flags onto toothpicks to use as flags and flag polls to put on top of each tower.  We usually put shells and coral on top of the towers but because of the weight its not very long and the towers begin to crumble.  I need to do some looking around online for other decorating idea's.  I'd love to come up with something that the girls can make and play with that is "people-like" for their castles.  Something that is more organic and beach-like rather than plastic from the store. Maybe we should hot glue some shell's together to make people and animals like we've done in the past to make sculptures. hhuuummmmmm........the wheels are turning.

A Note to all the Grandmothers:  The girls had swim shirts and hats on for the day, and for the very last portion of the day before we left the girls wanted their wet shirts off because they were a bit cold with the wind.  They were smothered in sunblock.  The hats was a battle by this point we gave up as we were getting ready to leave.  Don't worry! xo Sari

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