Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Crafting

I spent the better part of a night and one morning cutting gobs of egg shapes, circles, and squares out of paint sample cards for the girls to decorate.  Originally I had intended the paint sample cards for another project so I only grabbed a bunch up in colors of blues and greens instead of every bright color....which would have worked better for Easter Eggs.  The girls didn't care though and they embellished them with crayons, markers, cupcake liners, goggle eyes, feathers, stickers, and anything else their hearts desired.  I made the mistake of showing the girls that they could cut the feathers to allow for "just a little hair" on top of an egg rather then a huge feather coming out of it's head.  I had feather fluffy all over my house for days and days!  I'm still finding pieces of it and they did it two weeks ago haha.

I made all these super cute Egg Holders using my Silhouette Machine.  I doubled up the cardstock and kept most of them where I can take them apart for flat pack so hopefully we'll have them for several Easters to come!

 You can see in the picture of our display at the top of the post that the kids also made Easter Picture Frames, some baskets, and cards.  They had a very busy and creative Easter!!

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