Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Pirate Party

Emmy turns 4 and Lilah turns 3!

 We started the party day off with a Treasure Hunt!  Emmy found this map and had to find where a pesky old pirate had hidden all the party loot!

 Here the loot has been restored and the party is ready for guests!

 Grandma Betsy wished the girls Happy Birthday!  I'm sad that we don't have a picture with Grandma Jan like this!!

 Lilah in all her Pirate Glory!!

 Aaarrggg!!  Emmy's got on every piece of pirate booty! lol

 A big party favorite was the wearable parrot!

 Enjoying the fruits of my labor...uummm cake pop!! lol

We did a Parrot Craft.  I have them all the cut out pieces of the parrot and then they got to glue them together.  Some turned out more interesting than others hahhah!

 Pinata time!!

  This thing was hard to break!!

Opening Presents!!  Felt foods from both Grandma's was the big hit this year!

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