Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I had the kitchen island all decorated up for Valentine's Day Morning so we could exchange gifts before Daddy went off to work.  I had some pop type love songs playing as they came up the stairs and now Emmy' loves the Faith Hill song "This Kiss" haha.
 From Daddy to all of us!  I wonder what it could be!?!

Here they are with mouths full of valentines candy and all the goo
dies they got.  Daddy got them Lil Sis and Big Sis necklaces that match up to the one he got for me that says Mom and it makes a complete heart.  Mine is the same as picture below except the Mom part on mine is yellow gold.

Here's her bag full of Valentines we made together for her Teachers and Classmates at Kindergarden.  She wrote out all the names by herself from copying from a list that I had wrote.  I had expected it would take several short sessions to keep her focused to do them all but she loved every minute of it and knocked them all out in one go.  Such a trooper! 

Here she is all ready for school in her V-day dress with V-day Tattoos hhehe.

Later that night we had special Valentines delivered to us from Emmy and Lilah's adorable friend Grace and her Mommy.  A big Thank You to our special friends :) Happy Valentines Day!!

Here's a close up of the Valentine the girls handed out and it contained a lollipop as pictures above!

 This was Emmy's Valentine's Day School Lunch
Heart Shaped Apple Slices
Jelly Beans with Love Messages on Marshmellows with editable ink.
Heart Shaped Tofu

Not pictured is her Heart Shaped Sandwich and separate Jelly packet with Pink Butter Knife so she can make it herself.  I always thought premade and packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were so gross as a kid so I always supply Emmy with what she needs to make it fresh.  She enjoys it too.

She didn't see me pack her lunch, so it was a big surprise for her and she told me she loved it <3

Lilah had the same lunch too and enjoyed every bite :)

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