Monday, October 10, 2011

Daddy's Birthday Surprise

I told Emmy that Daddy's birthday was coming up and that she needed to pick him out a present and she suggested and asked if we could throw Daddy a Surprise Party.  She said that we needed a "Due Pinata".  I asked her several times what kind of pinata and finally figured that she was trying to say Purdue.  How cute is that!!  She knows that Daddy loves anything Purdue...... so over the course of the week we made one.  Inspiration hit her when we was standing in the post office line...."I found the perfect present for Daddy!" she said.  A Princess and the Frog Wii game.  Since Kim had already ordered what he wanted for his birthday I thought I'd let it slide and let her get away with thinking that she's fooling me.  Plus I wanted to see the look on his face when he opened up a Disney Princess Wii game lol.  Before we left the Post Office she suggested that we could play Pass the Parcel with his gift.

The day of the party we filled our pinata with candy and prepared our games.  Got out our party hats and noise makers.  I made Kim's favorite, Apple Crumble, and the kids helped me to decorate and blow up tons of balloons.  They were so excited for Daddy to come home and show him all the great party things!  Right before he came home there was a gorgeous sunset so I had to snap a few photos.  In the picture at the top you'll notice that the girls have alot of eye make up on too.  When I was doing mine they really really wanted to have theirs done so we did abit of make up fun.  You'll also notice in the above picture how bright orange the sky was.... I haven't edited the picture or enhanced it at all.  It was really that lovely!'s the party decorations!

 His Apple Crumble with football candles (we didnt' have enough for all 31 so 3 had to do haha)
 The pretty cards the girls made for Daddy!

We hid behind the island and jumped out yelling "SURPRISE!!" as Daddy got home from work!  He had a big smile on his face!  There is only one of me and two cameras that I was trying to use so those moments were caught on video camera and I don't have photo's to share.  If I could figure out how to correctly convert my digital camcorder files to something compatible with You Tube then I'd be able to post all kinds of goodies.  If anybody knows how to help please leave a comment!


It's hard to see but Lilah is having her turn trying to hit the Black Pinata.

Now it's Emmy's turn!

Daddy had to switch to the broom handle to get the job done.

 hahha Lilah jumping in delight because the pinata broke!!

 The next 5 photos really made Kim and I really laugh.  He wanted a picture of us all together so we sat down and said CHEESE.....and with kids you always have to take a bunch of pictures to maybe get one good one.  Notice that Emmy changed pose for EVERY picture and he was snapping them fast.....