Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Parties

As the lead up to Christmas was in full swing we took the kids to Breakfast with Santa then to my husbands company Family Christmas BBQ all in the same day.

Emmy felt sorry for Lilah, who was crying AGAIN for no reason!

For the breakfast they got a free McDonald's apple pack and plain english muffin with strawberry jam and an orange juice. They advertised it as a nutritious breakfast.....yeah right! They had balloon animals, face painters, and Santa walking around handing out goodie bags that had pretty nice coloring book packs with crayons, a 5x7 magnetic Santa photo frame, angel wings, candy, and a junky little toy. Of course they loved it!

If you click on the above photo it should come up larger to view it better. They had a Clown and face painter at the BBQ. This was Emmy's first full face paint and of course she sat still and loved every second of it. Anything remotely close to make up she loves!!

We all thought it was pretty. Next time I'd like to see it done in pinks and purples though :) I'd also LOVE to do a quickie course in face painting and get a nice set of paints then I'll be able to do it for the girl's birthday parties.

Lilah and I both got holly on our cheeks.

I was trying to get Lilah to model the cross stitched Christmas Bib that Grandma Betsy made and this was the best shot I could get. I think it looks so cute and festive. Thanks mom!

A perfectly cute picture! Too bad there's a beer bottle in it. I might have to photoshop that out so somdeay when I can get around to scrapbooking it'll be there waiting for me!


She's been doing this since she was 22 months old. I have no idea what upper body strength is normal for this age, but she seems to have quite a bit......

and no fear.... she's a little dare devil!

Usually it's too hot at Christmas for this little red velvet dress Grandma Betsy sent out, but on this day it was sooooo cold and it was just perfect! Had it been any colder I would have had to put hats on the kids to keep the wind out of there ears. This is totally odd weather for this time of year.

This was Lilah's favorite thing to ride at the playground!

A true monkey!

Emmy running with the big dogs.

Hang on honey!!

Is this a grumpy face or just his normal disposition? You pick!

Emmy was eager for her turn to pop onto Santa's lap and claim her present!

She ripped into full force....Yay! A Tinker Bell Vet Kit! The only difference from the one pictured and the one she got is instead of the lighting bug she got the Mouse named Cheese from the show. She was very happy with what she got!

Lilah looks a bit bewildered, haha, but at least she didn't cry this year! I have to remind you that we have back our normal Santa this year, and last year we had a super junkie version of Santa and I too wanted to

She didn't need any coaching with unwrapping her present!

At first I thought this toy might be too young for her, but after I read all the stuff on the box about it's features I thought we'd give it a try. You hook it up to the internet and download into it her Name, favorite songs, colors, animal, and food. She absolutely LOVES her doggie!! I would have never picked this out for her, so we're lucky and grateful that she got it!

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