Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Naked Truth

She's thinking in this picture "hehehe you can't tell that I have no nappy on!"

Lilah is now in full swing potty training and has been for several weeks. She's a whiz at doing a whiz, but her poo's are another story. She's shameless where she will the middle of the room, on Auntie Robins new cream colored rug, or in front of her sister trying to enjoy a bowl of watermelon (yes we have a picture of that but I think I'll spare you the gooey details just this one time!) She knows that she needs to go, and will tell me about it after she does it....even at times she's literally gave me my hand.... EW!!! She knows that it's naughty to go on the floor, but why she's not making the connection to just go on the pot is a bit confusing to me.

We did have a break through yesterday! She did a poo in her potty and proudly brought it to me, now this isn't the first time she's done a nugget in the tiny potty, but it's been a long while since it's happened so this occasion is very note worthy!

These photo's are from a couple weeks ago when we started full day time NO diapers. It was still cold in the mornings so she would wear her leg warmers to keep her warm. Notice Emmy refuses to keep warm clothes on....uuggh!

She loved it! Some of the pictures I got from this morning were sooo funny!

This is the after dinner mess she made! While I was busy cleaning and Dad was in the kitchen she decided to smear her chocolate mouse everywhere!!!

Goodness me!!!!!!!!!

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