Thursday, May 6, 2010

Medieval Festival at Gumeracha

Last Saturday we went out to Gumeracha for the 4th Annual Medieval Festival. I was so excited to see all the costumes that people would wear and was a little bummed out that I didn't have one lol. If I have the extra time between now and next year I plan on making medieval dresses for the girls and myself...hehe It was a lot like the Feast of the Hunters Moon in West Lafayette. They had lots of food options and merchants selling anything and everything medieval. If you were in the market for a real sword or armor this was the place to be! There was a parade with different groups of people dressed up. I didn't know such groups/clubs existed, and I must say this struck me as a bit nerdy.....what would these people do at meetings??? haha They had demonstrations of bow and arrow, jousting, knight fights, Celtic moon dancers, a petting zoo, and lots more!

Lilah taking a nap in her wrap.
I love carrying her this way.... it's so snugly and comfortable like a big hug!

Emmy peeping at her sister :) I think Emmy was hoping she'd get a turn next.

Smile Daddy!

I'm not sure what this thing was but we thought it would be fun to get our picture taken with it!

Abby and Lilah after the parade. (Lilah's sporting a temporary tattoo that grandma Betsy sent the other day) Emmy's hanging out on the blanket below... she didn't like that I was away from her and taking the picture. I think the knights and women in large dresses made her a little nervous because they were so close to us when the walked by.


This couple cracked me up!

This Knight looked just like James Blunt. He road up so close to us and Emmy really thought the horse was very cool! Her dad asked her the other day if she'd like to have one and she said YES! I'd love to board a horse someday close to our house. When the girls get old enough to start riding we'll look into it more.

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