Sunday, May 23, 2010

Butterfly Silks

I've been wanting to make a pair of these Butterfly Silks for a long time since I saw the idea. They are designed to fit a 2-8 year old so they are still pretty big on Emmy but she's got lots of room to grow. At first she didn't really understand what to do with them since she couldn't see how pretty it was while she was running, so I had Abby put it on and show her how to fly. She was so excited to then give it another try. The video shows how the silks flow in the wind while our "butterfly" is flying!

The back view.

Side view closed,

Front view open.

If you'd like a Butterfly Silk for your little girl send me an email telling me your first and second color choices and I'll send you a quote! These wouldn't weigh much so international shipping wouldn't be very much at all, so if you are in the states and want one don't let the distance stop you! xo Sari

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