Friday, April 30, 2010

Our New Playgroup

After meeting a fellow Gawler mom and having a fun little play date with her lovely girls Ava and Taylor we decided to go ahead and join the Zion Playgroup where they attend. Last year around this time I did lots of looking for a good one and everyone I talked to had only great things to say about this place so it was already at the top of my list and now that Lilah is a bit older it'll be much easier to do these kind of things.

I was expecting it to be similar to the Kinder Gym we went to last winter, but I was delighted to see that it was way better! They had craft stations set up all over the place. Gluing projects, painting, ink stamping, play-doh areas. Plus lots of make believe stuff like dress up and a kitchen and baby dolls. There was a huge sand pit area and really nice play house with a slide. A piano for the kids to bang on. They had obstacle course type things laid out for the kids to climb, walk, and crawl through. It was so much fun to jump around and do craft after craft with no set up and minimal clean up.... I think I was enjoying it just as much as the kids were! It's so much fun getting to do these things with them.

After an hour of play the teachers ring the bell and everyone helps in doing a quick clean up then the children all go inside and sit down on a carpeted area and eat their packed lunches while the teacher reads them a story and then she gets out her guitar and they all sing kid songs. It was so much fun! We don't know most of the Australian kid songs so we couldn't sing along to most of them. I think I'll have to ask one of the staff members if they could make a list of the song names so I can look them up and teach the girls, or maybe I can find an Australian kid songs CD.

We'll go once a week for an hour and half and it's a pay as you go system and that makes it so nice and hassle free. I don't ever have to worry about getting our money's worth or arranging for a make up session and the best part of all is that it's only $4.50 per session per family! Way cheaper than Kinder Gym and double the family fun!

Emmy putting on her make up that Grandma got her for christmas! She insiste on putting her make up on beside me when I'm getting ready. Too cute!! You can see her little set up complete with a her own mirror and real blush :) She's almost ready for playgroup!

Lilah's ready for playgroup too! Also she's wearing the new shirt I embellished for her the other day. I designed the applique myself and hand stitched it on! This was my first time making one so I'm very proud of how it turned out hehhe

We got to playgroup early so I could fill out the paper work so the kids got to play on their own for a little bit and had all the toys to themselves. Lilah was completely enjoying this!


Digging in the sand pit and playing with new friend Taylor.

Lilah having a GREAT time!

We want a play house just like this one, please Daddy!!! Of course we want it to be stained walnut and fully decorated for two princesses!!!

Lilah's trying to keep up with the big dogs here!

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