Monday, April 5, 2010

The Easter Bunny Down Under

We had a wonderful Easter Day with Auntie Abby here. Grandma Betsy got to join us via Skype for a little bit of the Egg Hunting and chocolate feasting. At one point Emmy even tried to offer candy to Grandma Betsy through the computer screen. How cute!!
The day before Grandma Jan and Grandpa Kingsley brought over Easter presents for the girls. They each got some winter tights and some leggings and a couple chocolate eggs. Auntie Lia sent chocolate bunnies for the girls too! I think we have lucky girls who have a lot to be grateful for!

Mommy and Lilah coming out of the bedroom in the morning...... I think someone stopped by during the night!!

Oh wow! What a fun letter. I did this about 2 minutes before they came out of the bedroom so it's not too detailed lol

Lilah and Emmy having a good time collecting the Easter eggs from around the room and putting them into the basket.

Lilah did really well with adding her found eggs to the basket. She made us proud!
Emmy on the other hand wanted to OPEN each and every egg as she found it to see what what inside. hahaha dirty trick was I put the same whole chocolate egg inside each one, but she was delighted each time none-the-less!

What did you find baby girl?

Are you sure you want to sit up there and eat chocolate??? I think there may be alot more surprises to find!!

The MAGIC EGG was found!!! Inside is a map to find your Easter Present!!!! Lets go!!

Emmy and Daddy followed the map and found a really cool Bratz Doll that the Easter Bunny had dropped off. The Easter Bunny doesn't wrap things.....haha .....just drops them off.

It took Daddy a little bit to get it open and working.

Her name is Jade and she roller skates! The best part is that she actually does what she is suppose to and she doesn't fall down!

Lilah was IN LOVE with this doll. It's a good thing her sister is a wonderful sharer!

The girls still had to find their Easter Baskets. Emmy found both hers and Lilah's hidden in the washing machine. Her first favorite thing she pulled out of it was a little chick that tweets when you hold it in your palm.

She was looking so lovingly at her baby chick.

She also got a Dora the Explorer, Huge Chocolate Bunny, Giant Egg, and tons of misc candy and junk!

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