Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanks Auntie Kelly & Nanna Pam

What a great surprise! The mail man stopped by this morning with a big box for Emmy and Lilah from their Auntie Kelly and Nanna Pam. Emmy followed me into the kitchen repeating over and over "open it, open it" haha. It was filled with My Little Ponies, Christmas cards, coloring books, stickers, and my old sleeping bag! What a special thing to have :) Emmy is already in love with this sleeping bag! We're ready for camping now haha Thank you for thinking of us and the great presents. xoxo Emmy, Lilah, and Sari

Love that crazy morning hair!

She was saying "OooOo The Little Mermaid"

She's going to get lots of hours of fun coloring out of this coloring/sticker book!

She was saying "OOOOO A PONY!"

Lilah was happy to watch all the unwrapping and loved kicking around in the paper!

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