Thursday, December 17, 2009

Standing, Falling, & Talking

Lilah pulled herself up for the first time today! I was running a bath and she was so excited and couldn't wait to get in so she grabbed the side and pulled herself up so she could peer in.

She also had a couple other firsts today. She was crawling around from the living room into the entry way and our doorways have metal frames instead of wood ones and the poor little thing fell onto her belly and it forced her into the frame and puffed and bloodied her lip. I popped her on the boob and all was better. She's never been one to really be comforted by feeding, but the older she gets the more it works.

I'll leave you with a happy first. I was using my cell phone while Lilah was sitting with me on the bed. When I was done with the call she grabbed the phone from me and put it to her ear. I then asked her over and over to "talk on the phone" and she kept putting it to her ear. I was so excited that of course I went and got the camera! Once I got the camera rolling Emmy joined in and Lilah was getting tired of fulfilling my request and just wanted to chew on it, but she did it a couple of times. Isn't she just the cutest thing ever!

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