Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas Morning

Lilah woke up first on Christmas morning so I got up with her to get things ready and to let Emmy and Kim sleep in. Abby was up and had been for an hour, haha so I guess technique she was the first one awake.... but she was so quiet we didn't know. The sleepy heads stayed in bed so long that I had time to get breakfast for Lilah and I plus change her and do her hair. I called my mom on skype and pointed the webcam at the Christmas tree and she got to spend Christmas morning with us! You can't have Christmas without Grandma!! Finally Emmy woke up so I grabbed the camera and told Kim to bring her on out. I guess it's not what she had in mind because you can tell from the picture below that she was not impressed. Once she found the candy in her stocking her attitude changed, lol. All she wanted to do though was eat the candy, so I had to confiscate that so she'd unwrap the presents. After about hour and half of unwrapping we took a break for some hot cakes (kim made a breakfast run to McDonald's) meanwhile I told my mom goodbye and called up Grandma & Grandpa Byers. Two hours later the unwrapping was finally done and in the end I think Abby opened a few of Lilah's presents to get it over with. It was hard to get them to open presents since they wanted to play with everything. It's kind of a dumb concept I's like "here open this....WOW, isn't that soo give that back to me and open this one" they are too young to understand, but I'm sure it won't be long and we'll have a Christmas where they'll mow through everything and then tell me they want to unwrap more! We chatted with Grandma & Grandpa for a while longer then we said our goodbyes. I was so happy that they got to see the girls opening their presents. Children are the best part about Christmas :)

Since this was the kids 2nd day of getting lots of presents they were not overly concerned with playing and it was gorgeous weather outside so we decided to go fishing (also I wanted to run away from the mess.... it was too much to clean up in one day!). That will be in a separate post to come!

This grump didn't want to get out of bed. Such a sour puss!

Lilah was the first one awake :)

Stockings are always the first to be opened!

Hi Dad!

Emmy's baby is as big as Lilah hahaha

Aww putting her baby to bed!

Smile Grandma Betsy!

Hiya Grandma & Grandpa Byers!

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