Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Fun!

I got the fab idea to do some Christmas window painting and I am so happy I did! It came out great! Nic & Markos came over to hang out and help this past Friday. A paint job that should have taken two adults no more than 45 mins took about 3 hours... haha. It was hard work keeping the babies happy and trying to work at the same time, but we managed to get it done. What do you think!? Nic suggested that I get some window clings of snowflakes to add to it and I think that would be a really nice touch. When we went shopping on Saturday I kept my eye out for some but haven't found any yet.

Emmy & Nic working hard!

Markos sharing a taste of the bubble wand.

Here's cute cousin Markos :) Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

This kept them happy for the longest stretch. Baby Signing Time!!

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