Thursday, November 26, 2009

Binky Free!!! i think

One of her "looks" haha (not related to the story below though)

Last night was our first night without Emmy having her Binky. She lost it somewhere in the house after we got home from Kinder Gym. At midnight she was crying and wanting it and daddy was a little annoyed. He couldn't believe that I didn't keep a back up, but what's the point of saying THIS IS YOUR LAST ONE if you are not going to stick to your guns? He got up at midnight and turned on all lights and did a search for it, which the search had already been done prior to bedtime, but it still didn't turn up. She just snuggled up to me and we did alright for the rest of the night. So I guess we'll be Binky free depending on who finds the last one first lol.

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