Friday, October 30, 2009

Back To The Good U.S. of A.

We had to get up at 3:34 am to get ready for the airport. I had everything packed the night before and loaded up the car so all I had to do was make breakfast, get dressed, and scoop sleeping babies out of bed and stick them in the car. I made mom and Kim a huge omelet with mushrooms and bell peppers. I wanted her to have a full belly of food other than McDonald's or Burger King. Once we got to the airport Miss Emmy wanted to run around and not do anything she was told. Check out the temper tantrum below....

As we waited for her flight to board we got to watch the sun come up and it was very pretty and peaceful way to say our goodbyes. The loading ramp was broken so all the passengers got to walk out to large staircases to board the plane. It was neat to watch her walk out in the pretty sunshine walk up and wave goodbye before stepping onto the plane. Just like it is in the movies!

I was very glad that Kim had taken the day off from work and that we had a full day planned, because I needed the support and distractions because I knew I'd be very sad. I was also worried about Emmy being sad. Mom says the look on her face as she was walking away towards the plane was a very concerned and worried look. I was so afraid when we got home that Emmy would be looking for her or knocking on the guestroom door thinking she'd be in her room, but she's so smart. She totally understood that Grandma had left. I took her into the guestroom the next morning just so she could get a good look around and take it all in and in her jabbering I heard her say "grandma" by her tone I imagine she was telling me how this had been grandma's room and now she went bye bye.

Once mom got home and we got to make our first skype call Emmy was so happy to see her, or as my mom calls herself "Just the head on the screen!" lol I would love to know what Emmy really thinks. Does she think that my mom came out of the computer to play with her? On another note.....I love this last picture :) The ease of a hungry baby in a sling. No bottles, no warming, no pram...easy peasey!

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