Friday, October 9, 2009

Wobbie not Grandma haha

Emmy lovingly looking at the Buzz Light Year Grandma got her.

It is unbelievable how attached Emmy has already become to my mom. Every morning she goes running down the hall to her with arms up when she hears mom come out of her room. She will call out to her by saying "wobbie" which we totally don't know why. We have both heard her say "grandma" clear as day and she says "mommy" very clear.... so why she calls my mom wobbie is strange although now that I'm thinking about it she does hear me call her mom so maybe that has confused her a bit... but I of course I always call her "grandma" when talking to Emmy. We've offered her other names to use.... "nanna, mam maw, me maw" haha but she won't say them, but she will sign "grandma" lots. Who knows!

Going for a walk. This is around the corner from our house. You can click on it to make it bigger to see the detail. It's mom with Emmy.

Almost every day mom rocks her to sleep for her nap and then again at night. Emmy absolutely loves it and grabs her blanket and climbs up on her lap and snuggles in. They play games and one of Emmy's favorites is to play doctor with mom. Mom has her stethoscope and Emmy has a toy one and they listen to each others heart. It's cute because Emmy knows that hers is a toy and she gives it to mom so she can have the one that works, lol!!

I'm already dreading having to go to the airport and say goodbye. It's going to be so hard on everyone but extra hard for Emmy because she doesn't understand the distance. Ugh, it just makes me sick to think about it.

Finger Painting

Finger Painting Wobbie

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