Friday, September 25, 2009

Our frist trip to the emergency room

We had to make an emergency run today to the hospital because Lilah was chocking on a bit of cookie wrapper. Emmy had been eating some My Little Pony cookies and gave her sister the empty wrapper. I didn't see that she had it, but my mom did and took it away from her.

I noticed that it looked like she had something in her mouth but it had been about 5 mins since she was standing in her walker and the bag was taken from her so I figured she must have done a little spit up in her mouth. I stuck my finger in there and couldn't find anything. She did a little gag so I offered her some water. Then she gagged more seriously. I grabbed her up and patted on her back and then mom took her and put her upside down and really started beating on her and I was looking in her mouth and I could see a silvery thing and I thought I could get it so I pushed down her tongue and I think I ended up pushing it down more. This is when I started freaking out because she was chocking and having foaming spit.

Mom said grab your keys and lets get to the hospital which is only a few blocks away. She continued to gag until we got there and as soon as she got inside the hospital it went down and she stopped gaging. We stayed there for about 30 min while they checked her out and she had normal oxygen levels and heart rate.

On the way to the hospital it was the longest drive of my life. I was shaking and couldn't think properly and was totally freaking out. It's a good thing my mom was here to be with her in the back seat while I could just concentrate on getting us there safely! I'm so relieved and happy that everything is alright. She most definitely will not get the opportunity again to play with an empty wrapper packaging or anything similar.

Earlier that morning we had just been to the hospital to meet with Kate, our weight and measure nurse for Lilah's 7 month old stats. My mom had said "oh I wish I could see what the emergency room looked like". I told her that it's her fault that ended up there because she sent out the secret.

Watch your babies closely. It's so scary when something like this happens and it can happen so quick.

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