Friday, September 11, 2009

Another First For Lilah!

Poor sweet Lilah was so upset last night and we couldn't figure out what was wrong but we gave her some pain medicine and then I popped her into the sling and she finally fell asleep after about an hour of crying on and off.  This morning she wasn't a super happy baby either, but I gave her another dose of pain medicine and off we went to playgroup.  The pain relief had warn off on our trip home (totally my fault... I forgot to give her more) and she did some serious screaming.  When we got home I gave her another dose of  medicine and thought this time I'll rub some of it into her gums and there was the sharp little culprit! Her bottom left and a two whole months sooner than her sisters first tooth!  I'll try snapping a picture of it this weekend.  I'll have better luck with her daddy home to help make her giggle!!

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