Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Movie Time

I took Emmy to her first movie the other day. Before the show they had characters walking around to greet the children as well as magicians, balloon people, face painting, and gift bags. She liked all the characters except Spiderman. He made her cry, but I think it was because he had no face.

She did so good in the movies (Ice Age 3) for the first 35 mins or so until the kid behind us started hitting us in the head with her balloon flower and the mother did nothing but stuff her face with popcorn, ggrrr! Emmy then thought "hey that's a good idea I want to do that too". We had a great time until then so I thought it was best to just go and keep it a positive experience and I knew she was nearing nap time. It was so sweet seeing her sit so happy eating her popcorn and drinking her water and her eyes were so big while watching that HUGE screen! I think the next time I take her to a movie she'll be able to sit through the whole thing, but I'm so proud of her...she wasn't scared of the show in the least or the loudness of it... pretty darn good for 17 months I think!

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