Friday, July 24, 2009

New Shoes

It was time for some new shoes for Emmy and the grandmas came to the rescue haha. I ordered the Abigale in the Pediped FLex (this will be her first time wearing the Flex, so I'm very excited to see how she likes it and it should arrive in the mail today!) My mom is sending the Caroline & Katelyn in Pediped Originals and will arrive in a week or so. And what a surprise...Jan popped in for an unexpected visit to spend some quality time with Emmy and take her shopping for a pair of shoes. What girl doesn't love to do that? When they got back she had fallen asleep and Jan came carrying her in and she was holding on tight to her new shoes completely knocked out. Is that not totally precious!? She's going to look so cute in dance class with all her pretty shoes!

Shoe Suprise

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