Saturday, July 25, 2009

5 Months Old!

We've been getting tons of personality this past week! She's laughing more and always giving us big smiles. She loves to be loved by Emmy and will watch her very intensely for long periods of time. Which means it won't be long and she'll be learning all the naughty things to do haha!

She loves her bath time now! If it's just her bath then I lay her down in the water, but if Emmy is in the tub too then I prop Lilah up in her tub seat. Both the girls get a kick out of that trick!

Her sleeping patterns are still great. Long morning and afternoon naps in her co sleeper and then she'll usually be down for the night around 8-9 and will wake for a feed around 3 and then back to bed she goes until 7-8 am. I pop her into bed with me for her 3 am feed and cuddle her and she'll sleep about 2 hours before she wakes up and says "I want in my own bed" so I pop her into the co sleeper and she passes out. Strange to me!! Emmy never wanted to sleep away from us; let alone demand it.

Shes showing interest in cups so I've been giving her water that way (if offered she grabs for it and puts her mouth to it). She is not impressed by any sort of bottle, but I offer her water with several different ones through out the day hoping she'll give in one of these days and drink from it. She's had a few little bits of fresh pear and avocado, but doesn't show any interest in eating solids yet, which is just fine by me. When she's ready I'll be the first she'll let know! *smiles*

She still loves her fingers and hates pacifiers and that doesn't bother me in the least. As long as she's happy I'm happy! To give you an idea on her size she can still wear her newborn size socks. I think she's going to have itty bitty asian feet. In American sizes she's wearing 3-6 months and its snug or 6-9 months and its very loose and floppy. In Australian sizes she's in 00 and it fits her just right......not to big not to small.

Emmy at 5 Months was 18 lbs 6 oz or 8.42 kg and is 69 cm long or 27.17 inches long. I'm going to day to have Lilah weighed and measured.... so I'll update that information as soon as I get back! I can't wait to see how much Lilah has grown and the difference between her and Emmy!

UPDATE Okay I'm back......6.76 kg or 14 lbs 14 oz and last month she was 13 lbs 14 oz so that's an even pound gained! I'll have to still get her measured later in the week when we go to the hospital to meet with our dietitian.

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