Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lilah's 3 months old!

I'm 3 Months Old!!

Lilah is 13 lbs or 5900g. She's 22.83 inches or 58 cm long and is in the 60% percentile for her weight and 30% for her length. Last year at this time Emmy weighted in at a whopping 16 lbs and 25.75 inches! Click here to go back to see Emmy at 12 weeks old.

Her normal routine still consists of lots of eating and sleeping, but she's starting to enjoy sitting up in the bumbo and bebe pod and we recently discovered this week that she loves the TV. I put her down on the floor to have a little play while I took care of Emmy's lunch and when I came back she was staring at the TV and kicking her feet. Too funny.... I guess I'll have another signing time junkie!

I also turned her around in the sling so she faces outwards now. Her head is strong enough and when she's awake she's interested in whats going on around her.

Her feeding is still going great and when I have to leave her she'll eventually
take her expressed milk from a bottle. Tomorrow while we are out and about we're gonna pick up a new kind of bottle to try out. It's suppose to be very breast like and hopefully she'll like it and it will be less stressful on both her and Grandma Jan when she's being babysat. It's called the Adiri Natural Nurser.

She still doesn't like a passifer which is just fine with me. She's found her fingers and sucks on them at night to put herself back to sleep and it saves me from having to find her passifer and stick it back into her mouth. She doesn't suck on them when she's awake yet.... I took the picture of her sleeping and it woke her up so I snapped another one. This is also a rare photo of her sleeping on her side. She likes to sleep on her tummy and she doesn't like it any other way. It makes me nervous but I check on her alot.

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