Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busted & Bubbles

Hahaha doesn't she look like a Glow Worm here?? and so serious LOL

Lilah has been reaching out for her toys and giving them a whack when she's laying on her activity mat. In general she hates the thing and will only lay there for a few minutes before she cries, but there are the rare moments when shes fascinated by it and will watch the hanging toys and play with them. I'm going to put it up for a week or two and then pull it out again and try her with it.... and I'll be glad to be rid of one of the brightly colored things that have taken over my living room lol She's also not a big fan of her swing but enjoys taking naps in it. Shes in love with the mobile over our bed and the one over her change table. She will give them the biggest smiles and watch them for as long as I let her. I put down a clean towel on her change table and let her go diaper free for about 10 min or so and she loves it. She'll get her legs kicking around and you know that it has to feel good having all that bulky stuff off! Then I give her a lotion rub and then some baby powder to dry her up. That's our special little ritual we do everyday! Gotta love it!!

I grabbed the camera yesterday morning and snapped this because I thought it was cute that she had climbed into her toy basket. She's still in her PJ's and hair a mess too! Adorable.

Well I went into the kitchen to make us some breakfast and I heard a crash and then the I'm seriously hurt cry and came running around the corner to find she had spilled out of the basket. In trying to find where it was that she was hurt or if she was just scared I caught a glimpse of her upper lip when giving her pacifier to her. Our first busted lip! I felt so sorry for her. She happily took a dose of pain medicine, begrudgingly let me put on some tooth numbing stuff and then I gave her a cold wash cloth to suck on. She was fine after that and kept showing me where it was that she was hurt. I had to snap a picture of it since I unknowingly captured the before.

Later that day we went to the shops and we came across a bubble machine and I snatched it up quickly (by far the best toy to buy!!) and it was the first thing we played with when we got home. Bubbles are so much fun! She got fairly upset when it ran out of bubble solution and we had used nearly the whole bottle but I wanted to save some for later.... she got over it. I have a recipe for homemade solution so after I try it out if it's any good I'll post it!

This one cracks me up...... she looks like the Monopoly Man!!
You can see that her lip doesn't look so bad anymore!

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