Monday, April 6, 2009

one day at a time

Wearing her winter vest Grandma Betsy got her!

Making her Daddy proud! Thanks Grandpa Pete for the cool Colts outfit!

She fell asleep playing with her bowl of lids in the kitchen while I was doing the dishes.... precious! You can tell her father changed her diaper last. (her pants never seem to make it back on but don't worry....... it had warmed up by then)

AGAIN! fallen asleep while eating....... strange little girl!

We talk to Grandma Betsy lots via gmail video chat and the webcam loves to freeze up on us.... I had to snap a picture of this hahahhaha You look great mom! (If you look in the little box you can see Emmy sitting in the computer chair talking and watching)

It was a hot day... don't you like my little dress?

Awww please don't cry baby!

Feeding in her sling.

uummm yummy

I bet you couldn't tell I'm having lunch!

Our daily routine is starting to come together.....FINALLY! Little things like preparing Emmy's breakfast and lunch the night before makes meal times quicker for a hungry tummy. I haven't figured out a feeding routine for Lilah yet. I allow her to feed on demand but she doesn't seem to have a pattern that I have caught onto yet.

Doing the bulk of the laundry over the weekend makes the washing through out the week lighter. Mainly just the diaper washing plus one dark & light load.

The cloth diapers are going great! She does need a booster to make them more absorbent so I got a package of 12 cotton standard diapers and cut them into 10x10 squares. I fold them over once and use this and it's working pretty good. Once I get my new overlocker that is on order I'll surge the edges and may enclose a hidden layer of super absorbent cleaning rag material. She's not overly happy with the new bulky diaper that requires more changes but that is exactly what I'm after! ha ha She has no sign of diaper rash and shes in disposable over night. I do this not because she's a big wetter at night because she's not... it just makes mornings easier on me... its not the first thing that I need to do and allows me to change Lilah and get Emmy's breakfast served up and then I can sit down and feed Lilah first. It's nice to know that we are saving money and the environment at the same time while aiding in our potty trianing.

Emmy is 99% well and Lilah's cough is turning back into a dry cough and her nose is still runny but it's not as bad. I look forward to everyone being happy and healthy for as long as we can maintain it! haha Emmy is adjusting better to Lilah being around and understands what I mean when I say " let me lay the baby down and it will be your turn" She is big on wondering off to her bedroom and playing by herself. Any chance I get to go back there and play with her I do and of course she totally loves it!

She's starting to get into little power struggles with Kim and I to test her limits. I usually maintain my stance and be consistant with the rules but try to use humor to redirect her attention or get my point across so it doens't end in tears, but sometimes this is not possible and she acts like I've broken her heart.

I'm starving..................and while they are both sleeping I'm gonna go grab a bit to eat!

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