Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lilah's delayed cord clamping

We waited to have Lilah's cord clamped until it was done pulsing and here you can see little Lilah laying on my tummy after being born for about 4 min's and we're getting ready to clamp the cord so she can come up for a breast feed and then they'll remove the placenta. Nice details huh?! haha You can hear me say that I'm happy with at least a 2 min's delay and the midwives saying that it's been well over 2 min's and asking me if I want to clamp and cut now. You can also hear my labor ipod mix going in the background faintly, it was on James Blunt!

Lilah looking cute with her eyes open and awake. She's 4.5 weeks old here.

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