Monday, March 16, 2009


Just a few min's to post some quick updates.

We are all doing great, but I feel like we are running around with our heads cut off.

  • Thinks her sister is pretty cool and is gentle with her about 99% of the time. The other 1% she forgets that Lilah is a baby and will squash her in trying to get to me.
  • She walks 80% of the time now but still crawls the other 20%.
  • Signs like crazy when she wants to, but will almost never do it on command and makes a liar out of me every time haha.
  • Will be having her birthday party this coming Sunday and we are so excited for her! She got new shoes today to go with her pretty Fairy Dress. Cross your fingers for perfect weather!
  • Has put herself on a pretty good schedule since we left the hospital. She usually feeds every 4 hours but in the past few days has been wanting to feed a little more often and in the evening she'll want to feed for several hours straight. I think it's natures was of upping my milk supply.
  • She really loves to be cuddled (what baby doesn't?!) and really enjoys being worn in the baby wrap and mei tai.
  • Diaper changes are never ending with a breast baby! I still haven't had a "poo incident" with Emmy. It always stayed where it was suppose to be - IN THE DIAPER! Not with this girl. She can get it all the way up to her shoulders.
  • We have no signs of Lactose problems still! YAY!!! Emmy clearly was in distress at this age so I feel it's safe to say that Lilah will not be having any issues with my milk!
Kim & I:
  • We get a good amount of sleep at night. He takes care of Emmy and she's adjusted to that now and I take care of Lilah. Most nights we sleep around 4-5 hours before Lilah wakes us for a feed, although that was not the case last night. She wanted to eat ALL NIGHT LONG, but like I said before I think she's upping my supply since she will be eating more from now on. On Emmy's formula tin it says newborn to 2 weeks old will eat bottles that are 60mls and 2 weeks- 2 months of age will eat 120 mls per feed. and she's 2 1/2 weeks old so she's wanting more milk I suppose.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how to get some down time. It seems like once I get one of them happy, fed, changed, or bathed then the other one needs fed, changed, or bathed haha. I'm not asking for lengthy hours to craft.... I'm just looking for 5 min's to take a shit in peace. I guess that will come with time. lol
  • I'm so grateful that Kim got me a dryer for Christmas because I have had it along with the washing machine going almost non stop! The girls have tons of clothes that I don't need to do washing every other day, but I feel better if it's done and put away rather than sitting in the dirty clothes bin.
  • I cooked dinner for the first time yesterday since I've had Lilah and feel like some sort of normalcy is coming back into our lives. Once Kim goes back to work (next monday) the girls and I will work out a routine that works for us and things will go more smoothly.

Lilah's crying....... must be time for a change and a feed! xoxo

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