Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lilah's Birth

We went into the hospital on Feb 25, 2009 at 7 pm. We started induction with cervigel and went to sleep early to get plenty of rest for what was to come.


The next morning the doctor said not too much has changed ( I was still 2 cm ) and that he wanted to give it to 2pm before reassessing if it was a good time to break my water or not.

By 10am I started having contractions. By 11 I was starting to get very uncomfortable and by noon the doctor was called back in to check me and he said it was a good time to break my water and remove the cervigel. I was told that my contractions would lighten up and slow down and be easier and that I wouldn't need my epidural yet. They were wrong! In the time between getting my water broke and getting my epidural ( noon - 2 pm ) I went from 2 cm to 8 cm. Full on natural labor during that time and let me tell you....... IT HURTS!!

Trying to get through a contraction and praying the epidural guy was close!

Once the epidural was in I started getting relief and every contraction I had from there on out was slowly getting less painful and shorter. When I was ready to push I wasn't in any pain and was very grateful for that!

We had the help of some awesome midwives that told me when to push hard and when to push lightly and they prevented me from having the trauma that happened with Emmy's birth. In the end I had to have 2 tiny stitches and I virtually had no swelling. I was on such a high and felt wonderful! At 3:27 pm on February 26, 2009 Miss Lilah Asenith Harrison was born!

Emmy meeting her sister for the first time!

While I ate some dinner and was waiting for my epidural to wear off a bit more so I could hit the shower Kim took Lilah down for her first bath. They both seemed to really enjoy it!

Once we got back to our room we all settled in and I continued to work on breastfeeding and Lilah made really good efforts to latch on properly but was not interested in feeding.

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