Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boobie Drama

Some of you may have wondered what happened to my regular posting. I had a bit of a set back on Saturday and had to go into the hospital because I got so sick very quickly. I remember the nurses telling me that if I get flu like symptoms to come in right away but I couldn't remember what that was in regards to. I had a fever, the shivers and shakes, body aches out of this world, and a head ache that wouldn't quite. Turns out it was Mastitis. My doctor put me on IV antibiotics right away along with fluids and pain relief. I got to come home sometime around the 38 hour mark I was able to come home with prescriptions for two different types of antibiotics. I feel a lot better already but I'll feel a lot less worried once I'm told that it's completely gone!

I'll keep you updated... I get a breast scan later today and then I'll see the doctor again on Friday to reassess the situation. Lilah was a good baby and was able to come and stay in the hospital with me and has continued to breastfeed beautifully!

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